Dr. Rachel A. Brown is a program evaluation consultant, facilitator, educator, and strategic planner who facilitates learning, change, and growth in mission-driven organizations.

To make learning with data useful, impactful, and fun, she melds expertise developed as a social science researcher, English teacher, camp director, curriculum writer, assessment editor, staff development specialist, and theater arts enthusiast.

Since pivoting from K-12 education into the arts, she has worked with a variety of Minnesota arts organizations, including Stages Theatre Company, The Minnesota Theater Alliance , Theater Mu, and Nautilus Music-Theater.

Core Areas of Work

  • Collaborating with mission-driven organizations to help answer pressing questions;
  • Designing and fine tuning evaluation plans to get information that is meaningful and useful;
  • Collecting data through surveys, document review, interviews, and focus groups;
  • Analyzing data, finding patterns and themes, and visualizing it;
  • Facilitating data analysis meetings to help clients find meaning in the findings;
  • Writing informative and readable reports, tailored to particular audiences; and
  • Conducting effective, engaging, and lively professional learning sessions. 


  • Ph.D., Educational Policy & Administration, U of MN, Twin Cities
  • M.Ed., Secondary English Education, U of MN, Twin Cities
  • M.A., English Language & Literature, U of MN, Twin Cities
  • B.A., English, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Depending on client needs and project scope, Rachel collaborates with people with particular expertise who are also great to work with. For example, she is working with Leah Cooper and Alan Berkis of Wonderlust Productions to extend their community-based Story Circles to support program evaluation processes.