Clients & Projects

Recent Projects

  • Formative and summative evaluations of a multi-site year-long theater artist residency program
  • A Program Evaluation 101 workshop for artists and administrators in small to mid-size arts organizations
  • Development of a process to embed “Intrinsic Impact” discussions into a theater’s work
  • A state-wide survey of the MN theater community, with data presented at a 6-workshop series
  • “Intrinsic Impact” studies of young and very young theater audiences
  • A developmental evaluation creating a process for a theater to connect with community partners
  • A survey of a music-theater program’s participants to inform long-range and strategic planning

What Clients Say

“Rachel finds ingenious and creative ways to gain valuable pre and post project data from a number of constituents involved in and affected by our programs.   She confidentially gathers the data, evaluates it, finds trends or common threads and bring the information back to the team, so that “real time” adjustments can be made in the project to make our work more effective.  She is a valued resource for our company who finds a wonderful balance of listening to our goals and objectives and challenging us to look beyond what we think we can accomplish, to those things that make us better teachers, artists and administrators.”  Sandy Boren-Barrett, Artistic Director, Stages Theater Company

“Rachel brings intuition and emotional intelligence to her work, guiding and shaping the evaluation process in a way that is clear, tangible, and relevant for the arts. Her insight and training have made a difficult project not only possible, but enjoyable!” Shannon Fitzgerald Freeby Managing Director, Theater Mu

“Rachel stays on top of industry research, bringing us new ideas that help us to be a leader in Theatre for Young Audiences.  And even though much of the research is for mainstream theatre, Rachel collaborated with us to design a new survey to measure our intrinsic impact on young audiences.  Not only did we learn new information from our audience, but the process also changed the internal conversation at the theatre, aligning our goals across departments and sparking creativity as we all supported these goals.  The impact of our work with Rachel far exceeded our expectations.” Susan Swenson, Managing Director, Stages Theater Company

“Rachel has been a valuable asset and an engaged collaborator in our evaluation process. She listens carefully, grasps the concepts we are exploring, and has been very responsive to the nuances of humanistic inquiry. It’s gratifying to know that artists have access to such a powerful and thoughtful resource!” Ben Krywosz, Artistic Director, Nautilus Music-Theater

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