Rachel is an amazing collaborator, listener, analyst, and educator who has the exceptional ability to tackle complex questions with just the right research strategies, then turn volumes of data into concise insights, and present them so clearly that they change the way a team or community fundamentally understands their own work. I’d partner with her again any day!

Leah Cooper, Co-Artistic Director Wonderlust Productions, former Executive Director of the MN Theater Alliance

Program Evaluation

  • Designing or fine-tuning evaluation plans to get data that is meaningful and useful.
  • Collecting and analyzing data using a variety of tools (surveys, document review, interviews, and focus groups).
  • Facilitating data analysis meetings to make meaning from the data.
  • Writing informative and readable reports, tailored to particular audiences (e.g., program leaders, board members, funders).
  • Advising to put systems in place for ongoing data collection.

Training & Development

  • Leading engaging and focused workshops on program evaluation planning, methods, tools, data analysis, and reporting.
  • Creating a targeted curriculum plan, building on what you know and extending to what you need.

Strategic Planning

  • Identifying strategic planning needs and possibilities.
  • Facilitating meetings to engage and connect people, ideas, and plans.
  • Building in use of existing and new data for ongoing evaluation, reflection, and planning.