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Program Evaluation 101:
Crafting a Plan You Can Actually Use

When you get to the Evaluation section of a grant proposal, do you groan a bit or maybe even panic? Do you ever feel like program evaluation is just a reporting hoop to jump through? When writing an evaluation plan do you ever feel like you are making stuff up or just putting in what you think the funders want to hear? If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions, come for a fresh look at the power of program evaluation to get you information that you can use to reflect on your art, connect with your communities, and help explain your work to funders. As part of this introductory and interactive session, Rachel will meet and work with individuals or teams on specific evaluation plan questions and challenges.

Your Stories ARE Data:
Systematizing Collecting, Analyzing, and Using Qualitative Data for Program Evaluation

Sometimes an impact or experience cannot be measured with yes/no answers or with a 10-point scale. Maybe the program is new and you are not sure what to ask about it. Or perhaps the experience is personal and you want to capture a range of interpretations. Or maybe what you most want to know cannot be shown through counts, percentages, and averages but through themes and patterns or the voices of individuals. In any of those cases, qualitative research methods can help. This session focuses on open-ended questions used in audience/participant surveys or interviews. Topics will include: knowing when to ask an open-ended question; how to write a good one that elicits the most helpful responses; when to close an open-ended question; multiple ways of analyzing the responses, turning them from “just stories” to “real data”; how to analyze the responses with a team; and how to use the data and report the findings.

Online Survey Tips and Tricks:
Creating and Using Online Surveys to Get Data that You Can Use

Google forms and other online survey tools (monkeys, gizmos, planets, etc.) have made surveys easy to create and deliver, widening theaters’ access to a critical and helpful method for gathering data. But sometimes three key features of good survey design are missed. This session won’t cover the nuts and bolts using online survey tools, but will address these three issues: 1) How is the experience for the survey-taker? 2) Are the questions good, getting at what you want to know, and giving you data in a format you can work with? 3) Speaking of data, what do you do with it all? Topics will include: deciding if a survey is actually the tool you need; creating and using evaluation purpose statements and study questions to focus the survey; writing good questions; what types of questions to use when; making a data analysis plan; why piloting is good; analyzing with a team; data privacy issues and tips; how to make the survey an experience for the respondents; and how to report the data in ways that can be used.

Intrinsic Impact Analysis:
Building Community and Focusing on Audience Impact

Description coming soon

Data Buffets:
Bringing All the Data to the Table

Description coming soon

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